Aménagement urbain

Chandigarh, Inde

Maître d'ouvrage :


Maître d'œuvre :

 Atela Architectes / Jean De Montjou

Surface :

 Shopping - Business - Entertainement & Hotel m²

Consultants :

 Bureau HQE

Statut :

 Faisabilité en 2008


Exceptionally planned around sunken and suspended gardens and open air bridges… Accentuated by strongly iconic elements in noble materials: stone jally screens, domed gazebos and classically inspired bridges give access to the many boutiques, entertainment opportunities, and business facilities. A rare experience combining the natural, culturally oriented environment with comfortable shopping, business and recreation experiences… An exquisite mixture of indigenous Indian motifs and beautifully proportioned, modern elements using the most advanced technologies… A sophisticated, modern experience anchored in the rich tradition and sumptuous materials of India…. Unlike the chaotic panoply of advertising and shops found in most commercial centers, Praxis’ architects have conceived beautifully modern, rhythmic windows behind which one will find the bounties of goods and services to be offered within. From the many garden views, one enjoys a perspective of each shop’s lightly filtered advertising windows – a stunning and harmonious contrast between the dense voluptuousness of the garzdens and stone features, with the light infused animation of glass reflections. This landscaped open air shopping arcade is inspired by the traditional SCOs created by Le Corbusier when he designed the city of Chandigarh. There are in fact several types of shops – one row facing the highway on the ground level, another facing inwards toward the gardens on a raised level and another inside on different levels in the garden. These are all interconnected through pedestrian galleries. Among Praxis’s many offerings, you will enjoy: Two floors of ground and below ground parking, plus a five storey parking garage. Generously appointed chauffeur drop-offs and waiting areas ensure the convenience and unhurried access to all visitors. An exclusive five storey department store prominently located, as if at the prow of a ship. Adorning its main, curved façade is a sparkling metal screen wall with billboard advertisement -inviting passersby to venture within. The adjacent atrium dramatically suspended within a six theater cinema – as well as refreshing patios where one can enjoy refreshments while partaking of views of the gardens. Adjoining the elegant atrium we find the twelve storey office center, with its own sky lobby at the sixth floor, replete with landscaped, plaza dining. Completing the rich variety of services Praxis has to offer, we have a fifteen storey, full amenity hotel whose glass-walled, elegant rooms offer views of the verdant gardens, and sumptuous stone features below. This hotel is built on a platform where a five storey, stone-clad conference center below is crowned by a private swimming pool with a restaurant offering open air poolside dining, as well as more intimate meals inside its richly decorated walls. Central, multileveled boulevards of circulation, formed as cloistered galleries and arcades, link all service, business and relaxation centers of Praxis: all carefully organized to integrate urban efficiency with pastoral open air gardens offering welcoming shade to its visitors. The Garden Level, situated as a sort of “Piano Nobile”, instills Praxis Center with a unique sense of calm and elegance. While its native, sandstone floor surfaces and bridges remind the visitor of his connection to nature, the open air sky reflecting its light across its glass towers, unites the visitor and the environment in an unparalleled experience.